4.2 Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Policy is designed to meet the needs of the students at St Robert’s School, Newtown.
The Student Wellbeing Officer is a Staff Member responsible for its implementation in conjunction with the School Principal.

The wellbeing and care of students and young people are shared responsibilities between schools, governments and local communities.
Parish Communities have a responsibility to establish programs which are designed to enable young people and their families to develop in faith and participate fully in Parish and School Community activities.
The School, in making appropriate educational provision for all students, seeks to meet the general needs of children and young people as well as the needs of each individual.
The teachers at our School work together to ensure all students have adequate opportunity and encouragement to participate fully in the educational, social, spiritual and faith life of the school and its community.
Specific School Rules are communicated to the children at regular intervals.
These rules are designed to make the child’s experience at our School a safe, happy and rewarding one.

Many students attending school need medications to control illnesses such as asthma, epilepsy, allergies, and behavioural conditions. Whilst it is preferable for medications to be administered at home, the school recognises that there will  be times when a student’s continued attendance at school and access to learning is dependent on continuity of therapy. Occasionally it will be necessary that the school, as part of its duty of care, assist students to take their medication.
To ensure the safe administration of any medications at school, procedures have been developed at St. Robert’s Primary School. These procedures are in accordance with the school’s First Aid and Medications Policy.