• Expressions of interest are made to the school and parents are invited to collect an Application For Enrolment Fm from the School  Office at 13 Nicholas Street, Newtown. Parents are then asked to contact the school and arrange a meeting with the Principal to discuss relevant issues.
  • Following discussions with the principal parents can then complete the Application to Enrol Form and lodge it at the school office on or before the close of applications date.
  • On receipt of all forms, applications are processed and decisions regarding enrolments are made.
  • Parents are notified of result.

Before any application for enrolment can be processed, it is a requirement that the following documentation be supplied to the school:
1. Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Baptism Certificate
3. Immunisation Certificate issued by Local Shire Office

Acceptance of applications for Enrolment at St Robert’s Primary School shall be considered according to the following priority of criteria.

  • Catholic children from families who live within St Robert's School, Newtown boundaries.
  • Siblings of children already enrolled at the school.
  • Catholic children from families who live outside the Newtown catchment zone but within the St Mary's Parish boundaries.
  • Catholic children who live outside the Parish boundaries but whose parents have a good reason for seeking enrolment in the school.
  •  New children of non Catholic families provided they do not disadvantage others by increasing class sizes too far and do not take the total non Catholic enrolment in the school beyond the limit of about 7%.
  •  The Parish Priest had the right to admit any child for enrolment that he deems appropriate.
  • No Catholic parishioner will be refused a Catholic education in the Parish due to lack of financial resources.