Integrated Approach to Learning and Teaching

Integrated Approach to Learning and Teaching


Learning through an integrated studies approach is enhanced when students are actively engaged in meaningful and relative topics. Learners construct and produce knowledge by solving problems, conducting inquiry, engaging in reflection and building a repertoire of effective strategies. Integrated studies helps students to become life long learners and allows efficient coverage and delivery of curriculum in terms of expertise, resources and time.

Forward planning of topics and foci (themes) allows comprehensive coverage of the Curriculum and Standards Framework levels and serves to ensure continuity from Prep to Grade 6.

Integrated studies at St Robert’s incorporates the areas of:

Civics and Citizenship, Health, Science, Technology, Geography, History, Humanities, Economics and the Arts.

The Forward Planner which outlines years, weeks, subjects, whole school and area topics and special events is reviewed at the completion of each year.
At St Robert’s, each team level (Junior, Middle and Senior) plan integrated units using a planning proforma which is common across the school.

Assessment tasks appropriate to each unit are devised and an evaluation of each unit is undertaken upon its completion.