Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

The curriculum foci, key concepts and learning outcomes for each of the Key Learning Areas are currently drawn from the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). These standards describe what is essential for all students to achieve from Prep to Year 10 in all Victorian Schools. The Learning Standards provide the framework for planning curriculum by setting out standards for students to achieve in core areas. St Robert’s staff use the Learning Standards to plan their teaching and learning programs, including assessment and reporting of student achievement and progress.

Teachers are directed to use a variety of resources and develop a range of learning and teaching strategies. They will provide appropriate activities relative to specific needs of individual students determined by each child’s position on the development continuum and relative to the outcomes achieved.

Educational Principles of VELS:

Learning for All: All students can learn given sufficient time and support.
Pursuit of Excellence: Seeking to do one's best.
Engagement and Effort: If students work hard and make an effort they will achieve.
Respect and Evidence: Seeking understanding and truth through structured inquiry and the application of evidence to test and question beliefs.
Openness of Mind: Being willing to consider a range of different views and consider different ways of finding a solution.


The way we view the process of learning drives how we teach. In order to meet the needs of students in our care we should cater for the diverse ways that people learn.

Belief Statements:

We believe children learn best when:
Quality relationships exist between all members of the class including the teacher
There is a secure and varied learning environment
They are able to model behaviours of others
They are enjoying a purposeful activity
They are able to relate to past experiences
They are encouraged to take a risk
They are immersed in the learning activity
They are able to learn at a rate appropriate to them

When teaching we will endeavour to:
Respect all, especially children with difficulties
Help children in their awareness that respect for each other is a high priority
Be positive and affirming personally with the children
Build a personal relationship with each child through listening and communication
Develop in all a respect for self, others, property and environs
Set a positive example in social, religious and academic areas
Teach in a way that allows every child to access the curriculum and experience success
Be child-focused – we teach children not subjects
Promote the 'have-a-go' approach – be prepared to take risks and learn from experiences
Capture the children’s enthusiasm and interest in an area or topic