Literacy Curriculum

Literacy Curriculum


Language is the basis of communication. Therefore, we will endeavour to immerse children in a wide variety of experiences which will enhance all areas of language development.

Teachers will take advantage of opportunities to further develop their understanding of this curriculum area.

Parents are the first educators of their children. Therefore, every effort will be made to respect languages other than English when teaching the English curriculum. Through the home reading program, we will endeavour to involve parents in each child’s language development.
We will endeavour to run regular Parents Information Nights, which will aim to help parents to understand different reading strategies, as well as to encourage and develop written and oral language skills which can be developed in the home environment.

The curriculum focus, key concepts and learning outcomes for this area of the curriculum are taken from the St Robert’s Curriculum. Teachers will use a variety of resources to develop a range of teaching and learning strategies.

We will endeavour to provide appropriate activities aimed at students’ individual needs.
We will cater for individual differences in the English program by providing access to a wider variety of literature, individualised spelling programs and small groups in an effort to develop confidence and competence.

Teachers are expected to plan the English Program in detail, meet regularly and plan collaboratively. A detailed record of work in this area will be kept by all teachers and monitored regularly by the Principal.

Since we acknowledge that all children are at different levels of development, we recognise the need for assessment. Reporting to parents in a manner in accordance with current School Policy, is an integral part of the child’s development in this area.