Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum



At St Robert’s School, we lead each child to an understanding of Maths, encouraging them to reach their full potential with confidence in a nurturing environment.

Our curriculum aims to foster a well balanced development in the academic area of Mathematics, so we will conduct information sessions which will inform parents about current mathematical methods. We expect parents to use the knowledge gained to support the mathematical program at our school.

The curriculum focus, key concepts and learning and teaching for this area of the curriculum are based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

In addition to the St Robert’s Curriculum, teachers will use a variety of resources to develop a range of teaching and learning strategies. We will endeavour to provide appropriate activities aimed at student’s individual needs.
Our school offers experiences which allow children to participate, encouraging and valuing the individual’s contributions within the group and by the whole group. We lead each child to an understanding and acceptance of his/her individuality by extensions or personal help. We challenge the students by providing experiences in co-operative learning and materials where the children will learn by looking at Maths concepts and adapt them to the world around us.

The teachers will implement the total curriculum accepting that check-lists and/or tests and other assessment methods must be used to establish the childrens’ growth points, thus influencing the tasks we need to set for the children. Reporting to parents in a manner in accordance with current school policy is an integral part of the child’s development in this area.

We acknowledge and encourage the family participation by providing home learning experiences which will encourage parental participation in the Mathematics program.