At St Robert’s, we encourage our children to explore the world around them through our technology program. We will provide co-operative learning opportunities where the children will investigate, design, produce and evaluate technology through the three strands of:

By developing a range of teaching and learning strategies, we will endeavour to provide appropriate strategies aimed at the individual and collective needs of our students. Activities will be provided so the child is challenged to make decisions and improvements in the knowledge that all ideas are accepted as a means to solving a problem. This will lead to growth in self-esteem and risk-taking.

Teachers are guided by our St Robert’s Technology Curriculum which is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. They will keep a detailed record of work covered and this will be monitored regularly by the Principal.

Teachers are given the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding the teaching of Technology through appropriate professional development activities.

We accept that checklists, tests and other assessment methods must be used to establish children’s abilities, thus influencing the tasks we need to set for the children and that reporting to parents will be carried out in accordance with
current School Policy.