The curriculum focus, key concepts and learning outcomes for this area of the curriculum are taken from the St Robert’s Curriculum which is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). In addition to this, the teacher will use a variety of resources to develop a range of teaching and learning strategies.

We encourage parents to share their knowledge and to provide their children with Health and Physical Educational activities at home. We encourage and provide the opportunity for parents to assist the teachers in implementing
programs, such as swimming, water safety, P.M.P, etc.

We will provide co-operative learning opportunities where the children participate in Health and Physical Education activities and we will encourage and assist each child in developing their skills, gifts and talents to their full potential.
We will develop in the children a sense of belonging and pride in their school by attending Inter and Intra School sporting competitions.

We accept that checklists, tests and other assessment methods must be used to establish children’s abilities, thus influencing the tasks we need to set for the children.
Reporting to parents in a manner in accordance with current School Policy is acknowledged as being important to the child’s health and physical well being.

Teachers are expected to keep abreast of curriculum trends and developments and are given the opportunity to attend professional development activities and appropriate inservices. A detailed program will be kept by all teachers and monitored regularly by the Principal. As Catholic Educators, we will ensure that the Health and Physical Education programs reflect the teachings of Christ, His message and the traditions of the Catholic Church.