The Arts


Through our Arts program we lead each child to an understanding that they are special and we aim to develop their gifts and talents to their full potential. We work towards developing positive self-esteem, assisting the children in becoming confident members of the school community. 

We offer experiences which encourage children to participate fully in the Arts and develop their sense of belonging.
We will achieve this by implementing programs which cover the areas of DANCE, MUSIC, DRAMA, MEDIA and VISUAL ARTS.

We will endeavour to provide opportunities for the child to develop ideas, explore their feelings, strengthen their values, improve their skills and reinforce the cultural beliefs of the wider community.

When planning our curriculum, we will provide assessment methods which allow scope to cater for the individuality of each child.

We, as educators, will take the opportunities provided to further our professional development in these areas, informing the parents to ensure their understanding of these trends and developments.