The primary roles of St Robert’s School Library are to function as:
(a) a resource centre
(b) a learning/teaching centre

As a resource centre, we have a comprehensive collection of resources including Picture Story Books, Junior/Senior Fiction, Non-Fiction, Pictures, Charts, Teachers Resources and a growing collection of books for Parents. Our Library is fully computerised.
As a learning centre, our library provides materials, which will enrich and support our curriculum. Each class is presently        timetabled for 45 minutes weekly, where basic library skills and information retrieval skills are taught in relation to classroom programs, where applicable.

We endeavour to instil in our children a love of reading and an appreciation of good literature and the library collection forms the basis of our Middle and Senior Reading programs.
Children are encouraged to borrow/return during the timetabled lessons on a specific day each week, but other times are made available also.

Prep – Grade 4 children are allowed to borrow two books for a two week period. If a specific need arises, (e.g., a project) books may be renewed.

Grade 5 & 6 may borrow 4 books at any given time. While books are issued for a two week loan period, they may be changed as frequently as daily if the student so desires.

replacement fee will be charged for books lost or damaged. The library is there for our school community, so parents are welcome to browse and borrow too.