2.3 Parents and the Curriculum
“As it is the parents who have given life to their children, on them lies the grave responsibility of educating their family. The task of imparting education belongs primarily to the family, but it requires the help of society as a whole. By providing for friendly contacts between pupils of different characters and backgrounds, the school encourages mutual understanding and constitutes a centre in whose activity and growth families, teachers and the community should take part.” (From the Declaration of Christian Education in the Documents of Vatican 11.)

The curriculum is the primary concern of the Principal and teaching staff of the School. It is unreasonable to expect parents to undertake the specialised task of selection and/or evaluation of curriculum, however, at appropriate times, parents may be approached for reactions to new innovations in curriculum. At all times, parents have a voice through their representatives on the School Advisory Board on all matters of the running of the school. It is the policy of our school that parents are encouraged to be involved in the School Program through participation in elective type programs, classroom practices and helping with extra-curricular activities including sport and excursions. To enable parents to become more familiar with the curriculum, they are invited to ask questions or comment on curriculum issues and are encouraged to take part in information sessions and workshops organised through or by the School.