Health Charter

School Health Charter


St. Robert’s strives to create an environment that assists all members of the school community to experience positive, physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. We recognise the importance of a whole school approach to health and wellbeing.



As an ongoing commitment to being a health promoting school, we will work together to continue to:


• develop and implement policies to create a physical and social environment which promotes health and wellbeing


• provide an environment that facilitates and encourages healthy choices and lifestyles, and complements health messages taught in the curriculum


• ensure respect, fairness and equality is promoted and modelled, and a sense of belonging is fostered


• encourage staff and families to be positive role models for healthy choices and lifestyles


• provide learning opportunities and experiences within the curriculum to enable children and young people to gain knowledge and skills and take action to enhance health and wellbeing


• engage children, young people, families, and staff as active participants in the promotion of health and wellbeing


• build partnerships with local health professionals, services and the wider community to enhance health promotion capacity


• link children, young people and their families to support services to meet their health and wellbeing needs


• seek continuous improvement through ongoing reflection, monitoring and evaluation.



St. Robert’s is committed to ensuring this charter is reflected in the day to day practice of the school. We believe that creating a healthy school will improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all members of our school community and that will impact positively on the learning and development of our students.