Grievance Policy


Grievance Policy - Parents



St Robert’s School accepts that, from time to time, parents may have a concern or issue about school life and that those concerns or issues need to be communicated to the school. The school has difficulty taking action if not informed of grievances within an appropriate time. All members of the School Community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all.


Implementaion Guidelines


In order to ensure that grievances are addressed, all members of the school community must speak up and report issues and concerns. The following steps may be of assistance:

  • Speak to the classroom teacher or specialist teacher about the issue or problem. It may be a good idea to make an appointment so that teachers can make an appropriate time and allow for uninterrupted discussion. (Discussion during class time should be avoided). Simple misunderstandings and confusions can usually be sorted out at this level.
  • If you are unable to find a satisfactory solution to the problem make an appointment to see the Principal or Deputy Principal to discuss the matter further.
  • If the issue or concern needs further attention you can make an appointment with the Parish Priest to discuss the matter further.
  • In the event that a satisfactory solution to the grievance is unlikely after all the above measures advice and assistance from CEO staff shall be sought.

St Robert’s school recognises the importance of demonstrating respect for the dignity of each person and of creating an environment where a sense of belonging for all is experienced. These aspirations are central to the wellbeing of individuals and to a community where all members feel safe and respected.

The School is therefore committed to building and nurturing a community that is free from discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation. It is important that all members share a responsibility for upholding standards of conduct and for building and nurturing an environment where discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation do not occur. It is therefore expected that parents desist from engaging in or condoning such behaviours and practices.

It is also expected that parents who make a complaint, or who may be witnesses to circumstances giving rise to a complaint, will be encouraged to participate fully and confidentially in any investigation and resolution procedures.

(Updated July 2018)