BYOD: iPad Program


Preparing students for their future is a fundamental priority for St Robert’s. This means that along with being literate and numerate, our students need to develop creativity, digital and problem solving proficiencies to meet the ever changing demands of the 21st Century.


In 2015, St Robert’s introduced a Bring Your Own Device: iPad Program - which now involves students in Years 3 to 6 bringing and using their own iPad device to support their learning. The iPad is a powerful and robust device that promotes student learning in contemporary and creative ways. Students having direct access to their very own device maximises this great potential. It is important to note that the iPad is used as a tool for learning and does not replace essential items such as paper and pencils!

St Robert’s is thankful for its community’s overwhelming support and is committed to the BYOD: iPad Program that strengthens each year. The school has improved its wifi network, increased the number of devices in junior classrooms and provides ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers. These ensure that learning with iPads is purposefully and effectively built into our curriculum design.


The school enforces high expectations for the use and management of the iPad whilst at school. We recommend establishing ‘home expectations’ early, and just as our families respect the school’s expectations, we support each family's home expectations too.


Creating safe and responsible  digital citizens is of the utmost importance to St Robert’s. We believe that when there is a shared responsibility between the home and school, strong cyber safe practices for all will be achieved.


BYOD iPad: Acceptable Use Policy  


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