Principal's Message

Welcome to the St Robert's website.

Visitors to our school often say that when they first walk into our school, they sense something special about our school. Denis Denuto the fictitious lawyer hired by Darryl Kerrigon in the Australian classic comedy film 'The Castle' would say it is the “vibe of it”. It’s a sense of welcome, a sense of friendship, a sense that the children, teachers and staff are happy and engaged in learning and with each other. As a principal, I am not sure there is a better compliment that a visitor can make.
At St Robert’s we all work hard to ensure that everyone feels valued and supported. We are committed to providing an environment that makes our children feel safe and valued and most importantly happy to be at school learning, playing and developing to the best of their ability. 
I am often asked what it is that is most important to me as principal of the school and my answer has always been this, “ I want all our children to be jumping out of bed every morning excited about coming to school!” If that’s not happening we need to find out why.
At St Robert’s, our teachers and staff are committed to providing the very best primary education for our children. We are equally committed to establishing strong partnerships with parents and carers. We encourage ongoing communication between home and school so that we can develop a shared understanding of what is best for not only the academic development of our children but also their spiritual, social and emotional growth. 
As a Catholic school, we foster an understanding of the messages that Jesus gives us through the Gospels. The Gospel values are the fabric of our school with a simple but profound message of God’s love for all “ love the Lord your God with heart, and with all all your soul and with all your mind and you shall love your neighbour as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-41). As Principal at St Robert’s I am committed to ensuring that this message permeates all that we do.