School Advisory Board



The St Robert’s School Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Parish Priest and to his appointee, the Principal. Although it is not a decision making body it does have a capacity to influence outcomes as it provides for consideration being given to popular opinion or concerns based on parent’s viewpoints.


Meetings are scheduled to take place on the third Thursday of each month during each term. Notice of meetings will be published in the school newsletter in the weeks leading up to each meeting. Where possible, agendas for meetings will also be published before each meeting. Condensed minutes of each meeting will be made available to the school community following each meeting of the Board. The school will endeavour to distribute these through its class notes system.


Parents are encouraged to make contact with their representatives to have views considered and if deemed appropriate, brought to the attention of the Board. In each case, representatives on the Board will inform parents of the best course of action, which may include advice as to a more desirable forum other than the School Advisory Board.


All members of The Advisory Board do their best to keep all members of the school community up to date with any developments regarding the day-to-day and future operations of the school.


Composition of the School Advisory Board:

  • Parish Priest
  • School principal
  • Seven parent representatives
  • Two staff representatives
  • One Parents and Friends representative  
  • Up to two nominees co-opted by the committee but dependent on their acceptance by two thirds of committee members

2018 Advisory Board Members are as follows:

Fr James Clarke
Mark Soldani
Deborah Boland
Georgie O’Dwyer
Mariska Rayson
Lisa Northey
Melina Conte

Rose Goodall-Wilson
Louise Groves

Jackie Caracella