Class Parent Reps


All teachers value the wide range of support the parents of children in their classrooms give them.  Each year, teachers look for up to two parents from their class to assist them in the general organisation of extracurricular class activities and events that might require the need for parent help. This could be to cook, go on an excursion, help with the costumes around concert time, coordinate a fete activity or organise a social get together for all the mums and dads from the class. For this reason, class teachers are asked to approach up to two parents from their class to take on the responsibility of Class Parent.

Those taking on the role of a ‘Class Parent Representative’ act as a liaison between the class teacher and mums and dads, informing them of any particular need or upcoming events. In past years, this has required the class parent to collect contact details, phone and email, which can provide an easy means of communication between school and home. Each year, with parent consent, the School provides parent contact details to the class rep parents for distribution.  Those who do not want their details circulated in this manner please are asked to let their child’s teacher, the principal or Nola in the office know. Upon receiving directions not to be included on the contact list details will be deleted from the list for circulation amongst other parents. It is important that parents inform the school of this at their earliest convenience, as lists may be distributed within the days of first notification. Remember, parents who do not wish their details published and distributed are under no obligation to do so.   

A requirement for class parents is to either attend the Parents and Friends meeting or arrange for a representative from the class to attend the meeting. It is our hope that this will continue our efforts to encourage greater communication between our Parents and Friends Association and our classes, provide a means of informing parents of things the PFA are doing for the children and provide insight into what things can be done to help support the needs of all the children across the different classes.

Once Class Parents have been established, class teachers make a point of keeping in contact with their class parent on a regular and mutual needs basis.  

Anyone who is interested in becoming a class parent can inform their child’s class teacher at their earliest convenience. Expressing an interest in the role does not mean automatic appointment. In the event that more than two nominate for the role the class teacher determines the appointment.