Leadership Program


Senior Sixes

The student leadership program is designed to foster responsibility for our year six students. Teachers in charge of these classes coordinate the Leadership Program in consultation with the Principal. It is a shared leadership model that has been in existence

since 2000 and a cornerstone of the program has been the fact that all our year sixes are co-leaders of the school.


A senior hat, that is distinctive to the school hat, is presented to the senior children in anticipation of their acceptance of the school’s expectations of them as leaders in our school. This also makes them easily identifiable in the playground by other children who may need assistance. In accepting their caps, the students each accept that they will be responsible role models for other students. The school has devised a Leadership Declaration that the children sign and agree to prior to the presentation of their hats. Since its inception, students at our school have grown to appreciate the significance of the Senior Six cap. 


Throughout the course of the year, all our year six students are called upon to take on certain responsibilities and assist the teachers and students in a variety of ways. All our year sixes are provided with the opportunity to lead our assemblies, convey messages from the principal to individual classes and take active roles in whole school presentations, events and special activities. 


Each semester the positions of Captains provide another leadership opportunity within the Senior Six program. The teachers clearly outline their intentions regarding the criteria and appointment of Captains to all students and information regarding the processes is shared with parents. As a result of this Captains are appointed on two occasions throughout the year providing opportunity for those who may have missed out on a position at their first attempt. It is our hope that all students continue to fulfil their roles as Senior Sixes, a role that is constantly stated as being the most powerful demonstration of student leadership in this school.

It has become customary at St Robert's, to timetable a reward program at the conclusion of the school year. Planned activities are a token of thanks to acknowledge the support, leadership and example our senior children have given throughout the year. 


A buddy system operates at St Robert’s school that forms part of the Leadership program.  Towards the end of each year, as part of our Orientation program, the senior class children are matched up with a Prep student who will be their special 'buddy' for the new school year.  It is the responsibility of the teachers from each of these levels to co-ordinate the manner in which they wish to conduct the program. An expectation is that the buddies would meet on at least two separate occasions per term for some sort of formal activity.

The fundamental philosophy of the buddy system is that the younger students in the school can seek guidance and support from their buddies and hopefully build a strong and lasting relationship with each other over the course of the year.