Student Code of Conduct


To keep our school safe for everyone, we ask all children in our school to:

 Follow all the safety rules in our school, including our cyber

safety rules


 Be polite towards others, and always use good manners


 Cooperate with all our teachers and adult helpers


 Be kind and helpful, making sure everyone is included in games and activities 


 Try always to make ‘good choices’ about the way we treat others 


 Be willing to accept other people, even if they look or sound a little different


 Be ready to learn about new things and ‘have a go’ at new ideas and suggestions


 Be ready to teach others positive things that you know


 Be ready to listen to others, and be respectful of different ideas and opinions


 Treat personal belongings and school property in a responsible and careful way


 Be reverent when we pray and worship together


 Be ready to forgive one another when things go wrong


 Be willing to welcome newcomers or visitors to our school


 Always use personal and school devices in a respectful and lawful manner