Reporting Student Absences

If your child is absent from school, please notify the classroom teacher or the office prior to 9.15am by phone, SMS, email or let the teacher know in advance.  Unexplained absences will, via SMS, be followed up by the school at the earliest appropriate time. 

If your child becomes ill at school, you will be contacted. It is important that the school has emergency contact numbers to ring if you cannot be reached.  The school should be informed of changes to emergency contact numbers, home or work phone numbers immediately.

Unexplained Student Absence


In 2018, following a review of the Attendance Guidelines for schools  by the Victorian Minister for Education, changes have been made that reflect the ongoing commitment to student safety.  Schools must now advise parents/guardians of any unexplained absences following the marking of the daily attendance roll. The roll is taken by 9:15 am each day at St Robert’s, and in the event that the school has not received notification of a child’s absence prior to this time, their absence is deemed unexplained and contact will be made via SMS requesting parent/guardian makes contact with the school to explain the child’s absence. These Attendance/Notification changes have been put in place to ensure the safety of school-aged children during school hours and to support schools in their duty-of-care obligations.


Healthy Environment


Maintaining a healthy environment for all children is a priority. In recognition that many children have compromised immune systems, the school asks that children who have suffered contagious illnesses such as gastroenteritis, remain at home for a period of 24 hours after their final episode of illness.



Punctuality and courtesy are valued aspects of behaviour at St Robert’s school. When a child is late for class or attending an appointment etc, a late arrival ticket needs to be collected from the office by the child or parent and given to the teacher. If lateness becomes a continuing problem, the teacher or Principal will contact the home. 

Holidays Outside School Holiday Periods

The school does not encourage the taking of family holidays outside the designated school holiday period and parents are asked to avoid as much as possible, taking the children on holiday during school terms. When family holidays are taken outside the school holiday periods, at least two weeks’ notice should be given in writing addressed to the Principal with a copy to the child’s class teacher/s outlining circumstances associated with the decision to withdraw the child/children from school outside of holiday periods.

'Every Day Counts'

St Robert’s and Catholic Education Melbourne supports 'Every Day Counts', the Victorian Government’s campaign to improve school attendance, launched in 2014 which reflects the belief that going to school each day is the ‘single most important part of a child’s education’. Missing school puts children behind.

It is our responsibility as a school is to ensure that the best opportunities for learning and teaching are provided.  This is less likely to happen if a culture of taking children out of class during the course of what is a very full and demanding curriculum, continues to exist.

We all want our students to have a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day. If students miss school regularly, they miss out on learning the fundamental skills that will set them up for success in the later years of school. There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Evidence suggests that each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading. It’s vital that students go to school every day – even in the early years of primary school. There are always times when students need to miss school, such as when they’re ill and it is vital that they are only away on the days they are genuinely sick.