Playground Rules


Specific School Rules are communicated to the children at regular intervals. These rules are designed to make the child’s experience at our School a safe, happy and rewarding one.

  • Eating is not permitted on the school oval. Children who need more time to finish eating their lunch must be seated on the outskirts of the asphalt area.
  • An inside pass is required for children to enter the school building. This pass is issued by the yard duty staff member.
  • Games such as British Bulldog, Brandy, Wrestling or any others deemed rough and dangerous to others are not allowed. During the AFL season (Terms 2 and 3) tackling and any form of physical contact is not permitted.
  • Active games on verandas, ramps, in passageways, in passive play areas and in or behind toilets are not permitted.
  • Toys, collectables, games (electronic or other) and sporting equipment are not to be brought to school unless specified by a teacher or on designated ‘Swap’ or ‘Game’ days
  • Trees are for shade, shelter and beauty - not for climbing on or hanging off.
  • Children should only play on designated equipment and on designated areas according to the school’s playground management roster. Children are informed of the roster and the rules associated with the play areas and adventure playground equipment on a regular basis (assemblies, class visits by the principal or teacher focus sessions). As a general rule children must respect the rules of fair play in the yard and on the equipment. Things like waiting in line, sharing equipment, no pushing or rough conduct and abiding by the agreed rules are basic to friendly and congenial play periods. Children should always ensure that their actions on the playground do not endanger other children in any way. Slides and climbing equipment, in particular the flying fox, monkey bars and slide poles should be clear of other children before attempting to proceed.
  • Throwing of bark, sand and any object other than balls, beanbags and the like is strictly prohibited
  • Playing on the adventure playgrounds after school prior to 3.45pm is not permitted. From 3.45 pm play on the equipment is permitted only under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


St Robert's Student Code of Conduct

To keep our school safe for everyone, we ask all children in our school to:

  • Follow all the safety rules in our school, including our cybersafety rules
  • Be polite towards others, and always use good manners
  • Cooperate with all our teachers and adult helpers
  • Be kind and helpful, making sure everyone is included in games and activities
  • Try always to make ‘good choices’ about the way we treat others
  • Be willing to accept other people, even if they look or sound a little different
  • Be ready to learn about new things and ‘have a go’ at new ideas and suggestions
  • Be ready to teach others positive things that you know
  • Be ready to listen to others, and be respectful of different ideas and opinions
  • Treat personal belongings and school property in a responsible and careful way
  • Be reverent when we pray and worship together
  • Be ready to forgive one another when things go wrong
  • Be willing to welcome newcomers or visitors to our school
  • Always use personal and school devices in a respectful and lawful manner

To keep our school safe for everyone, we ask all children in our school NOT to:

  • Behave in any way that is a form of bullying: physical, verbal, online, exclusion
  • Behave in a rude, disrespectful or uncooperative manner for any teacher or adult
  • Behave in a dishonest or unfair way by lying, cheating or stealing
  • Behave in any rough way that is mean or harmful to others
  • Tease in any way that hurts another person’s feelings
  • Behave in any unsafe way in our classrooms or playgrounds, eg. picking up sticks or stones,playing with scissors, tackling in games of football
  • Use any type of ‘put down’ that makes a person feel bad about themselves, their work, their ideas or their opinions
  • Use any type of swearing, rude or inappropriate language
  • Behave in any way that damages personal belongings, school property, or property that belongs to others
  • Use any personal or school device inappropriately, including use of social media, posting inappropriate material or disrespectful comments, posting photographs or video clips of othersn without adult permission
  • Behave in a silly or inappropriate way in student toilets, eg. looking under doors, throwing wet paper, dropping paper everywhere, playing with taps

November 2018