New Families

  • The enrolment process begins on Tuesday 12th March 2019 and closes on Friday 31st May 2019.
  • From the 1st March, new families can make contact with the school to arrange a time to meet with the principal where they will receive an Enrolment package which includes an Application for Enrolment form.
  • Following discussions with the principal, parents can then complete the Application to Enrol Form and lodge it at the school office on or before the closing date of 31st May 2019.
  • Applications for enrolment will not be processed or considered until after the closing date of 31st May 2019.
  • First round offers of places will be made in writing by 21st June 2019 and acceptances must be returned to the school office by Friday 28th June.
  • Please watch this space for dates of School Tours conducted by our Year 6 leaders.


Before any application for enrolment can be processed, it is a requirement that the following documentation be supplied to the school:

1. Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Baptism Certificate
3. Immunisation Certificate issued by Local Shire Office

Acceptance of applications for Enrolment at St Robert’s Primary School shall be considered according to the following priority of criteria.


  • Siblings of children already enrolled at the school.
  • Baptised Catholic children who are residents of Newtown.
  • Catholic children who do not reside in the Parish but are recognised as Parishioners by the Parish Priest.
  • Physical proximity to school of first choice for Catholic children who are residents of areas bordering Newtown.
  • Children of other Christian religious backgrounds who reside in the Parish.
  • Children of non-Christian background who reside in the Parish.


All families are invited to participate in two aspects of our enrolment process.


1. Interviews with Principal (Mark Soldani) or Vice Principal (Nathan Owen)


Families are invited to make a time to meet with the principal of St Robert’s to discuss their child’s potential enrolment at St Robert’s.  The interview will be approximately 15 minutes long and your child is not expected to attend the interview:  Please contact the school to arrange an interview time.


2. School Tours:


The school will conduct tours to give parents the opportunity to look around the school and ask any questions about St Robert’s School.  Our Senior Six Students will be the guides on each of these tours.  Please contact the school office to organise a tour date/time. Tours will be conducted from Monday to Thursday afternoons and take approximately 15 minutes.


 Enrolment Agreement Policies