Parents for Parents


Parents for Parents has been operating within our school community for some time now offering support and friendship to families who might just be in need of a helping hand. There is nothing flash or fancy about the concept and the group’s method of operation is not complicated. Put simply, Parents for Parents is coordinated by a group of mums, (dads aren’t excluded, it just so happens that to this point no dads have actually taken on a coordinator's role) who pretty much just try and keep a look out for families that may be in need of something at some particular time.


Ever had a sprained ankle or a broken leg that perhaps makes driving the gang to school a little difficult for a short time? The Parents for Parents may be able help out with transport, at least until you get used to driving with plaster.
A new baby is a very special time but they do tend to throw a spanner in the works as far as general routines go and the odd casserole or two during mum's time in hospital to help dad out with the meals or when mum gets home with the new bundle of joy might just make life a little easier for everyone. A home baked cake or a slice for the kids' play lunch can also make a difference in some small way.

We’ve all had kids so we all know nothing will stop the odd “bug”outbreak that has its own way of progressing through the family. Mums and dads aren’t immune and sometimes a little help looking after the kids after school can be just the tonic needed. It is here where the Parents for Parents group may be able arrange an after school pick up or “play-over” at a friend's place.


By now you should have got the picture. As I said, it’s nothing flashy, it’s simply Parents helping each other out. Everyone can be involved in the program. All you need to do is let one of our Parents for Parents coordinators know that you are willing to help out when and if needed.


From time to time a call for assistance might be brought to your attention through a notice in the school newsletter or you could be registered on a list volunteering to whip up one of your famous stews, casseroles, pasta dishes or cakes for a family who might be preoccupied dealing with any one of a number of things that spring from left field when one least expects it. I think you know where I am coming from.

The Parents for Parents Contacts are available from any of our class teachers, so if you are aware of anyone that might benefit from a little gesture from the Parents for Parents, let the teachers know and they will pass it on. Alternatively, contact one of the coordinators direct.
This is a wonderful group promoting an environment that is caring, welcoming and friendly and that’s what this community at St Robert’s is all about!