St Robert’s is proud to offer a diverse specialist program that strengthens learning across the Victorian Curriculum: Music, STEM, Visual Arts, Kitchen Garden, Yoga and Physical Education. Our students participate in a 45 minute lesson for each specialist subject per week.


St Robert’s Music Program

St Robert’s School has a long tradition of valuing and celebrating the Performing Arts. This is reflected in the students’ joyful approach to dance, drama and music making, and also in the way music is embedded in our school community events. Our goal is to help build within each student a lifelong appreciation of the Arts, and research confirms our belief that involvement in music also encourages the development of:

  • creative thinking and problem solving  

  • language skills

  • self-esteem and self confidence

  • spatial intelligence                                      

  • personal and interpersonal skills

  • analytical skills and logical thinking

  • perseverance and self-discipline


Classroom Music Program

We offer a rich and vibrant music program where the children participate in a weekly 45 minute lesson provided by a specialist music teacher in our well-equipped, dedicated music room. The focus is on enabling them to express themselves through music using their imagination, music skills and knowledge. The sequential program incorporates the Kodaly and Orff pedagogies where the students are guided through a range of activities including:

  • Singing and chanting

  • Moving and dancing

  • Composing, creating and recording their own music

  • Playing both melodic and non-melodic instruments

  • Listening, reflecting and responding

  • Reading and writing graphic and formal notation

  • Developing an understanding of different cultural, historical and stylistic musical genre



Each year the whole school combines to stage a concert which represents the culmination of an entire term’s work in the areas of singing and dancing. This showcases the great depth of talent within the student body and it is always a joyous and uplifting event. 


We have a successful choral program with our school choir singing at a wide range of school and community events throughout the year. Students who choose to be in this non-auditioned choir, engage with both choral and contemporary music, as well as developing vocal and performance techniques.


Students from Foundation to Year 6 engage in Digital Technologies Specialist classes for 45 minutes each week. This is based on the Victorian Curriculum guidelines, which focus on key areas: Digital Systems, Data and Information and Creating Digital Solutions. 


Our STEM sessions provide students with opportunities to communicate and collaborate. It allows students to solve problems and develop computational thinking. It gives students learning opportunities that foster ‘curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation’. 

Students have the opportunity to code, problem solve, apply critical and creative thinking skills. 

We also recognise the importance of teaching children about how to safely and positively engage with the online world. Cybersafety, Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, online etiquette, protecting their personal information, appropriate use of apps and devices and accessing or sharing inappropriate content, are some of the common issues covered regularly. This is supported by our Acceptable User Policies.



Physical Education at St Robert’s provides students with a safe learning environment where they are given the opportunity to engage in physical activity that can be stimulating, challenging and where having fun is a priority.


The Health and Physical Education domain provides students of all ages with skills, experiences and knowledge to assist them to develop their physical, mental, social and emotional health.


St Robert’s students are provided opportunities to develop an understanding of these concepts through sessions which engage :

Human Movement - gross and fine motor movements to develop major fundamental motor skills;

Physical Activity - learning about changes to the body caused by participation in sport as well as feelings associated with participation in physical activity;

Human Relations - working in pairs or small groups cooperatively, modifying games to allow all students to participate, reinforcing fair play and respect of all participating and

Safety - defining the difference between safe and unsafe behaviour, using equipment safely and developing rules and reinforcing appropriate places and spaces to play.


The students at St Robert’s are exposed to a 45 minute Physical Education session per week with a specialist teacher and then are given opportunities over the week to be physically active with their classroom teachers as well.  During these times there are both structured and cooperative play sessions. At the beginning of the year there is a strong focus on teamwork, listening to and following instructions, respecting each other and equipment, playing safely and always trying to do your Personal Best.


The F - 6 curriculum from is designed to explore strands within the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. F - 2 are given the opportunity to learn and practice the correct techniques of fundamental motor skills eg: running, hopping, jumping, skipping, rolling etc...in simple fun games as these essential skills are the basis for later learning.  Years 3 - 6 students will develop the capacity to link these skills into more complex and coordinated movement sequences. The skills may be combined or modified, practised with or without equipment and taught through individual practice or by incorporating them into game structures.


The aim of our program is designed to equip students to confidently participate in physical activity to the best of their ability so that the skills they have developed, will allow them to engage in physical exercise not only at school but also in the local community where they can embrace physical activity as part of their lifestyle today and in the future.


Visual Art at St Robert’s provides students with a safe learning environment where they are given the opportunity to engage in appreciation of art, appropriation of art and creation of individual pieces. 

Students are given the opportunity to create and discuss works of art. Our art space allows students to collaborate and work individually, as required. 


Mrs Humphries draws upon the Victorian curriculum and her own talent as an artist to engage our students on a weekly basis. 2020 will showcase our school art in a spectacular art show due to be held in Term Two.