Parlo Italiano
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Parlo Italiano! (I speak Italian)

My words / phrases

My daily Italian

How are you?

Come stai?


Public Holiday



This week keep practising some of the words you know. When we are talking to people it is nice to ask ‘How are you?’ and respond with ‘I am unwell’ or ‘so-so’ or ‘well thank you’.  Listen to each word or phrase, think about it, then say it slowly, twice. Go back to the start and try to speak while also doing the gestures.



Listen to all the words and phrases, practise saying them with your eyes closed, then with the actions, then record your voice and listen to how your voice sounds. 

Try to speak to an adult using the words and phrases from this week? Can they understand you? 


Record yourself saying as many words as you can remember with the actions.


There is an Activity waiting for you to complete in                                   called “Italian - Week 9”

You’re welcome


Well thank you, and you?

Sto Bene, Grazie, E tu?

I am unwell

Sto male

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