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Meet The Teachers

St Robert’s Primary School is a thriving learning community that is faith filled and committed to the improvement of learning outcomes. Our goal is for happy students who are educated in a safe, supportive and caring environment where each child is provided with opportunities to realise their potential.


Class Structures:

In 2024 there are thirteen classes operating at St Robert’s, our school structure is as follows:


Sarah Kelly

Mrs Sarah Kelly


Rebecca O'Leary

Miss Rebecca O'Leary

Deputy Principal

Chloe Painter

Mrs Chloe Painter

Community Engagement & Research Lead

Margot Champion

Miss Margot Champion

Mental Health & Wellbeing Leader

Lisa Cain

Miss Lisa Cain

Learning Diversity Leader

Emma Rayson

Mrs Emma Rayson

Technologies Leader

Jenny Coverdale

Mrs Jenny Coverdale

English Leader

Sandra Prsea

Mrs Sandra Presa

Mathematics Leader

Theresa Lewis

Mrs Theresa Lewis

Religious Education Leader


Carolyn Keast

Mrs Carolyn Keast

Foundation - FMC

Jacqueline Bowman

Mrs Jacqui Bowman

Foundation - FJB

Chelsea Hardcastle

Miss Chelsea Hardcastle

Year 1 - ICH

Iain Wallace

Mr Iain Wallace

Year 2 - 2IW

Lily Bayes

Miss Lily Bayes

Year 2 - 2LB

Samantha Barry

Mrs Samantha Barry

Year 3 - 3SB

Lauren Smith

Mrs Lauren Smith

year 3 - 3LS

Claire Lappin

Mrs Claire Lappin

Year 4 - 4CL

Karly Russell

Miss Karly Russell

Year 4 - 4KR

Michael Richardson

Mr Michael Richardson

Year 5 - 5MR

Rebecca Romeo

Miss Rebecca Romeo

Year 5 - 5RR

Eliza Grinter

Miss Eliza Grinter

Year 6 - 6EG

Paul Broekman

Mr Paul Broekman

Year 6 - 6PB

Specialist Teachers

Kelly Williams

Mr Kelly Williams

Physical Education

Annie Humphries

Mrs Annie Humphries

Art Teacher: Foundation - Year 3

Tessa Lee Bell

Mrs Tessa Bell

Junior STEM

Rossella Scollo

Mrs Rosie Scollo

Launguages - Italian

Bec Maccora

Mrs Rebecca Maccora

Reading Intervention

Emma Rayson
Sandra Prsea

Mrs Sandra Presa

Maths & Science

Margot Champion

Miss Margot Champion


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