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The staff at St Robert’s considers the engagement and involvement of Parents in a child’s learning as an essential part of the education of children.  Children witness Teachers and Parents working together, which in turn develops positive attitudes towards school.  There are opportunities to become involved such as assisting on excursions and inside the classroom.

In line with our Child Safe Policy, all Volunteers will be required to:


  • Complete and submit to the office the Volunteer Code of Conduct (See below).

  • Have read and be familiar with the St Robert’s Child Safe and Wellbeing Policy (See below).

  • Have a current Working with Children Check Card. Bring your Working with Children Check Card with you when volunteering.

  • View the Volunteer Guidelines presentation, prior to volunteering.


Working with Children Check Card (WWCC) - Since December 2017 it is an offence under the Working With Children Act 2005 to engage in child related work without having a current WWCC Card, this includes volunteer work undertaken by Parents / Carers / Guardians / Grandparents at School. 


To apply for a WWCC card families can apply online at:

Child Safe and Wellbeing Policy

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Working with Children Check Policy

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