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Instructional Approach

Earlier this year Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) launched the Vision for Instruction.

The Vision outlines two bold goals; 


Goal 1: Excellence: All MACS schools deliver a knowledge-rich, evidence-based teaching and learning program

Goal 2: Equity: Every student, regardless of background, achieves literacy and numeracy proficiency.

Mrs Chloe Painter, our Research Lead, was involved in creating this document for our system and was invited to be a panelist at the official launch in February 2024.

St Robert’s is committed to Evidence Informed Practice and has dedicated time and resources to refine both our curriculum and instructional approach in recent years. As a consequence, we were selected to showcase the outstanding work our Teachers do within our classrooms each and every day. 

These short films will become a feauture of the professional development offered to teaching teams who are moving in the direction of evidence-based practice at a system level.




Daily Review

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