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"At St Robert's Primary School, taking Jesus as our model,
We Include,

We Connect,

We act with Purpose."

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St Robert’s Catholic Primary School is committed to the safety, well-being, and protection of all children in our care.

Our school is rich in history, we opened our school gate in 1942 and since then have continued to provide consistent Catholic Education for Catholic families. 

We are an inclusive community of students and vibrant families. 

Our classrooms engage students in deep learning, they encircle our students with care and support the growth of the whole child. Students have the opportunity to develop their spiritual connection to Jesus through prayer, school-based liturgy, and school masses. 

We actively welcome our families in a learning partnership and elevate our staff to be leaders of current research. Our leadership team works with and for our community daily. The leadership team encourages open communication to address needs as they arise from the staff and our families. 

St Robert’s P & F works in an active partnership to create a rich classroom environment by providing extra resources for student learning. The school advisory board is supportive of a strategic approach to school improvement, maintaining and improving our yard annually, as well as our practices that are supported by intentional policies. 

We support a diverse range of learning needs across our classrooms. 

We also offer a range of outstanding extracurricular activities and our yard space allows students to engage in purposeful play. 


We endeavour, to create a space where your child is known and valued, where your family is welcomed and encircled with support as part of the St Robert’s Primary School, Newtown community.

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