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Teachers at St Robert’s School are committed to explicit, systematic and responsive instruction. Everything our teachers do is underpinned by establishing the conditions for learning, building knowledge and securing success for our students. 


Establishing the conditions for learning

Every student has the right to learn in a calm and orderly environment. St Robert’s has developed school wide routines and expectations to allow students to focus on their learning. We aim to minimise disruption and maximise instructional time.


Knowledge building

We teach a knowledge-rich curriculum, and equip all students with the solid foundations of literacy and numeracy. 


Securing success

We ensure our students feel and are successful. Securing success builds motivation and gives our students the fundamental knowledge and skills required to think creatively and critically, and to engage in problem solving.



Our English block is organised into two main blocks based on decades of evidence about the most effective and efficient ways to teach children to read, spell and write: Core Literacy and English 


Core Literacy

Students are taught the fundamental skills of decoding and spelling, handwriting, sentence structure and grammar, following school-wide scope and sequences.  


The following programs and approaches support our English Curriculum:

Little Learners Love Literacy

Spelling Mastery

The Writing Revolution



Students at St Robert’s will engage in daily read-alouds, explicit vocabulary instruction and extended writing tasks through their knowledge building English Units and Novel Studies. The ambitious and rigorous scope and sequence spans from Foundation to Year Six and allows students to build on knowledge and skills learnt in previous years. It features engaging units such as Ancient Greek Civilizations, and the Vikings. 


Our comprehensive Mathematics curriculum is organised by three strands set out in the Victorian Curriculum – Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.


Students at St Robert’s engage in carefully planned lessons based on the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) model. This means that teachers explain and model new concepts and skills before guiding students to practise new skills in an interactive and responsive environment.


Students will have opportunities to build fluency at school and at home using Numbots (F-2) and Times Tables Rockstars (3-6). 




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